Aquarius Weaknesses

What are the weaknesses of Aquarius? Find out below.

Weaknesses of Aquarius

  • Aquarius people are moody and unpredictable at times.

  • If they want to do something, they stick to it, and do not care about others.

  • Being practical in nature, they are often detached in life.

  • They do not really care about their loved ones.

  • They can be dominating and adamant, if they want something in life.

  • They are quite egoistic and do not apologize easily.

  • They want their space in life, and hence they are impulsive by nature.

  • They do not like to adhere to commitment.

  • They like to live an independent life, which might bother people around them.

  • They are not too attached to family or friends.

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