Aquarius Female Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Aquarius female.

Aquarius Female Characteristics

  • An Aquarius woman is confused and inconsistent.

  • An Aquarius woman will be loyal in her relationship, but it doesn't give a notion that she would be of cuddling type or be emotionally attached. She needs her own space to live her life independently.

  • Power and position is what matters to her most but she is least interested in financial matters.

  • She will love you the most, but will also expect you to follow her rules.

  • An Aquarius female is a social delight and would be a fun company to be with.

  • An Aquarius woman will trust her man completely and is not the one who will spy on him.

  • Once hurt, an Aquarius woman finds it very difficult to forget the past.

  • An Aquarius woman has very strong will power and has strong sense of self control.

  • For her, “out of sight – out of mind" follows. So be around her, to avoid such situations.

  • An Aquarius woman has her own thoughts that are very different from other woman. She is a very patient listener. She is intelligent and practical.